About us

We’re small. We care. We are a little brand agency who want to initiate change create positive impact in every way we can. 

So, why a shop?

In late 2019, we realized we needed need to iterate and reimagine how we show up in the world. We also realized something very key: no one can do everything well. We were trying to take on too much diversity in the projects we took on and the clients we worked with.

As we began an ongoing process of self evaluation and purpose-finding in order to know where to focus, three main aspects came to light:

1. We want to make the world a better place.

2. We want to think up ideas and bring them to life.

3. We want to exercise our passion for design and creativity at every opportunity. 

This little shop is a way we can roll these aspects into one path! 

Our hope is to be able to contribute to the world through intention, beauty, quality goods, and creative energy. Within these pages, we'll be trying new things, getting creative, adjusting as we go, and generally showing the world how we think. 

It means more than we can put into words to have your support. Thank you for being here with us and being part of our vision and journey.